Yoann Merienne was born in the late 1980s in the French region of Haute-Savoie and now lives and works in Lyon. He holds a degree in Industrial Design and has painted from a young age, dedicating himself to light and shadow and giving his work an extraordinary relief effect. A keen user of our oil paints, he deepens the shadows, adds depth and creates volume using small touches of white, black and blue to sculpt the light.

Sculpting light

Discover how to create a shaded background and to add light using light colours and shadow using dark colours. The combination of whites, blacks and blues offers magnificent results. Lefranc Bourgeois reveals the secret of the colours to use in order to sculpt the light. Watch our video tutorial further down.


Denser, thicker and more consistent, the new palette of 120 extra-fine oil paints is more balanced and refined. It is complemented by our range of Fine Oil paints available in 48 colours, and a range of updated additives which respond clearly and easily to the needs of each painter.


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