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Every colour in the extra-fine oil range features a firm, non-greasy and uniform consistency. We mix the finest pigments with superior quality linseed and safflower oils. Our extra-fine oils guarantee colour durability.


Every one of our products is the result of a close collaboration between artists and chemists, an alchemy of passion, quality and stability. Our goal has always been to meet the exacting needs of professional artists. This is why we push the limits of our oil paints every day.

Trusted by artists across the globe, Lefranc Bourgeois oil is coveted thanks to its unparalleled quality. Denser, thicker and more consistent, our new palette of 120 extra-fine oil paints is balanced and refined. The range includes eight Cadmium-free colours, a global innovation introduced by Lefranc Bourgeois in 2017. These colours offer a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to cadmium paint, while delivering the strength and power that artists love about these tones.


Master the viscosity of your paint, drying times, transparency and rendering with our comprehensive range of oil additives. We’ve been innovating well beyond colour for 300 years, to provide you with additives that give texture to your work.

By adding density to the paste, the Impasto medium makes it possible to create texture effects without compromising on the control of your strokes. This glazing technique is based on layering and the use of colour. It’s achieved through the use of additives like our painting and Flemish mediums. By increasing the shine of the oil, these mediums help you achieve very fine glazes. They do this by increasing the depth, the shine and the transparency of the paint, giving you more creative accuracy.


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