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A range of high-quality, indelible inks that can be layered and mixed with each other, with extremely rich colours and good lightfastness.

Nan-King India ink is a fluid, indelible black ink with excellent durability. The deep black ink can be used pure for calligraphy and drawing or diluted with water. It is an acrylic ink with a black pigment. It is full covering and luminous after drying.

Nan-King coloured inks are high quality, transparent and intense drawing inks. They retain their brightness and luminosity when drying and over time. A selection of 10 colours allows for a wide range of creativity. Nan-King coloured inks can be applied easily with a brush, metal, goose or bamboo nib or with an airbrush.



Lefranc Bourgeois drawing ink can be applied with a brush or a pen. Superimposable and miscible between them, the inks become indelible once dry.




Download the Nan-King Indian ink color chart. Discover the 12 rich and light-resistant colors.

Ink Colour chart
History of ink

An ancient art

Ancient cultures have developed inks using vegetable, mineral or animal ingredients. Scribes wrote with ink on their papyrus, the Mayans created their ink from clay for their religious codexes. In modern art, ink is used for its ambivalence. When diluted in water, it is appreciated for its translucency (wash), whereas when taken pure, it is its intensity that is sought after.

Nan-King Lefranc Bourgeois Indian ink is an intense, indelible, opaque and fluid ink that holds up well over time. It is used by modern artists in many fields such as illustration, figurative art, sketches, abstraction, street art, ink art, alone or in mixed techniques.

The coloured masking eraser

Create beautiful graphic effects easily with our coloured masking eraser. This masking liquid is suitable for watercolour, gouache, ink and dry mediums. It can be applied to a white surface as well as to a prepared surface to protect it. It dries quickly and turns blue and opaque within 3 minutes. It makes it easier to see the line you have drawn. Easy to use, apply it directly to your surface and after drying, rub it off with your finger to make your surface appear again. Designed to leave no trace and not tear the paper.

masking eraser
Michel Costiou, art of movement


Michel Costiou, an artist from the Pyrenees, grew up in Toulouse where he studied at the Beaux-Arts before joining the ENSBA in Paris, then the Atelier Supérieur de Peinture Chapelain Midy and the Ecole Estienne in the Bauhaus movement training section. Through his encounters, he discovers the fascinating world of dance and opera, where he creates a multitude of sketches live during performances. Dancers came to pose in his studio to finance their dance classes.

Michel then founded the very first movement drawing workshop with musicians, dancers, acrobats and mimes at the Académie d'Art Roederer, Place des Vosges in Paris, a spontaneous experimentation of rhythms and postures that has since been practiced in all art schools.

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Hom Nguyen, a French artist of Vietnamese origin, was born in 1972. His work is inspired by his personal history and echoes the artist's origins, to give a universal and human dimension. He creates instinctively with a generous Indian ink, the Nan-King Lefranc Bourgeois ink. The portraits he paints are formed by a multitude of strokes, each with its own trajectory. His precise and lively gestures form a face that communicates the emotion of the moment, and brings out the human aspect that is at the heart of his work. It is not the beauty of the faces that he wishes to highlight but their expressions and feelings.
The interest of working with Nan-King inks is that they can be mixed with each other and also with other ranges such as acrylic. The black ink can be used to create an infinite number of shades, from deep black to light beige to brown. Hom Nguyen works on blotting paper or rice paper, he dances the brush on the support with a large quantity of water to obtain a transparent ink.

Hom Nguyen's portrait