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oil and watercolour paint

Archive: A colourful catalogue from 1934

Lefranc Bourgeois is about conveying the emotion of colour and accompanying artists as an expert and as an inspiration. The Lefranc Bourgeois archives are full of magnificent posters, signs and catalogue pages on a black background.

This hand-drawn page from 1934 is intended to provide the artist with an exhaustive and precise list of the products he can use, according to their type: on the left is the range of oil paints, where you can admire the different shades such as pink madder lacquer, cobalt blue, sienna ... As well as the containers (half tube or full tube).

At that time, silver white was still offered for sale. As a non-toxic alternative developed in 1922 by Lefranc Bourgeois, titanium white gradually replaced this tint.

On the left, the painter could see at a glance all the possibilities offered by the brand for watercolour painting: tubes, tablets, half-tablets, cups and tablets, as well as gouache bottles and Indian ink.