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Banner Flashe

From theatre to canvas

Since 1720, Lefranc Bourgeois has been innovating towards the painting of the future to make art easier for everyone and to reveal the potential of each artist. The unique characteristics of the FLASHE are the testimony of this.

Rare, modern and bold colours

Flashe is the first alternative to traditional art materials: an extra-fine vinyl paint that offers artistic expression new perspectives than those of oil or acrylic paint. Manufactured in France and marketed in 1954, it was a revolution.

They flashed

More than 60 years ago, the Flashe became the ally of fine art painters and the symbol of an artistic revelation, by being endorsed by Vasarely or Nikki de Saint-Phalle. It continues to be an asset in the service of free artistic expression for contemporary painters such as JonOne and many others...

La peinture vinylique Flashe

Émulsion vinylique extra-fine, Flashe est une peinture au fini mat ultra couvrant sur tous les supports, disponible en 76 couleurs, dont 38 teintes mono-pigmentaires parfaitement compatibles avec les autres gammes. Le nuancier présente également une offre élargie de couleurs iconiques avec 6 couleurs fluorescentes et 12 teintes iridescentes.