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The history of Lefranc Bourgeois oil paintings

Since its creation in 1720, Lefranc Bourgeois has combined tradition and innovation to create exceptional oil paintings

Lefranc Bourgeois fine and extra-fine oil paints

The Lefranc Bourgeois oil paint collection is made up of two wide ranges of quality paints formulated with oil and pigment.

Lefranc Bourgeois at the heart of a unique relationship

For more than three centuries, Lefranc Bourgeois has accompanied painters and artists with authenticity, passion and high standards.

The Lefranc Bourgeois oil paint collection

Formulated with first precision raw oils, each colour has a firm, homogeneous and non-greasy consistency. Depending on the chemical nature of the pigments, the colours are made exclusively from linseed oil or safflower oil, which guarantees them optimum durability.

The Lefranc Bourgeois fine oil range is available in 48 colours of 40 ml and 150 ml. With the combination of bright colours and a material with high covering power, it is to be preferred for working on large surfaces and sketches.

The Lefranc Bourgeois extra-fine oil range, produced in France, is denser and contains a wide range of pigments. It consists of 120 colours in 20 ml and 40 ml, and 7 colours in 200 ml. Exceptional colours with exceptional covering power and optimal resistance to light and time.