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The history of gouache

Since its creation in 1720, Lefranc Bourgeois has combined tradition and innovation to create exceptional gouache paintings

Lefranc Bourgeois gouache

Lefranc Bourgeois gouache consists of 2 ranges: Linel extra-fine gouache and Etude gouache

Linel, adulated by artists

Many artists, illustrators and designers use LINEL Lefranc Bourgeois gouache for its exceptional quality and rendering

The Lefranc Bourgeois gouache collection

Lefranc Bourgeois gouache is appreciated for its creamy texture and its matte and opaque finish. It is bound with natural gum arabic, derived from acacia, without any other additives or fillers, which guarantees the intensity, purity and luminescence of its colours.

Studio gouache has a soft, creamy, pigment-filled paste that is easy to apply. Ideal for working with primary colour mixtures. Recommended for art schools.

Made in France, in Le Mans and with 78 triple ground colours, some of which are patented and developed with great Masters such as Henri Matisse, Linel extra-fine gouache inspires illustrators as well as prestigious designers in jewellery, architecture, fashion and decoration... All ambassadors of French elegance!