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The Lefranc Bourgeois oil paint collection

Lefranc Bourgeois offers two ranges of oils: Fine and Extra-Fine. Both are made with the same know-how in our factory in Le Mans, France. Each colour has its own particularity, and we invite you to discover them.


Fine oil range

New Fine Oil

Discover the new Huile Fine Lefranc Bourgeois range of 48 colours, made in Le Mans, France. Each colour is available in 40ml and 200ml. The range is short, accurate and balanced. It features exceptional primary colors, bright, smooth and rich in pigments.
The texture of the new Huile Fine is unctuous and extremely pleasant to work with, thanks to its composition based on linseed or safflower oil, depending on the color, and its optimal durability. Like our other ranges, the new Huile Fine is designed to blend perfectly with oil-based mediums, to create material effects.

Exceptional pimary colours


Historically, the Lefranc Bourgeois brand has always had a particular and unique primary blue: that's why the primary blue in the new Huile Fine range is pre-measured and ready to use. Its white and green content makes it easy to create perfect secondary colours.
The primary yellow is incomparably bright and the primary red is powerful and rich.

These 3 unique primary colours create authentic blends. The Lefranc Bourgeois brand offers a short, effective range of 48 colours made in France, in Le Mans, from quality pigments and highly drying linseed and safflower oils for luminous, intense colours.


A new texture


In order to offer the painter total consistency in the range, each shade has been studied and then corrected to restore the absolute balance between the density of pigments and the quantity of oil. The texture of the new Huile Fine is smooth and extremely pleasant to work with, thanks to its composition based on linseed oil or safflower oil, depending on the colour, which gives it this quality, as well as optimum durability.

To find out more, download the Huile Fine brochure.

New fine oil

Hero Colours

Enrich your palette with our favourite colours, ideal for portraits or landscapes. For skin tones, discover Ecru Titanium, a new shade in the Huile Fine range, Magenta, whose colour value is a vibrant, deep purple, and Red Ochre, a very fine colour that brings undeniable richness to a painter's palette. For landscapes, the unique and subtle Payne Grey, the Rex Blue that adorns the ceilings of the Château de Versailles and the highly nuanced and transparent Imitation Emerald Green.

Discover the Hero colours in the Lefranc Bourgeois Fine Oil collection, and Dare to Paint!



The Extra-fine oil Range


Produced in France, it's denser and contains choice pigments. It comes in 120 colours in 20 ml and 40 ml, and 7 colours in 200 ml. Exceptional colours with exceptional coverage and optimum resistance to light and weather. Formulated with high-precision raw oils, each colour has a firm, even, non-greasy consistency. Depending on the nature of the pigments, the colours are made exclusively with linseed oil or safflower oil, guaranteeing optimum durability.

A wide range of colours


Our products are the result of close collaboration between artists and chemists, a guarantee of quality and stability in the long term and in the light.

If Lefranc Bourgeois oil is so coveted by amateurs and professionals alike, it is because it has reached an unequalled quality.

For over 300 years, Lefranc Bourgeois has worked on the formula of its oil paint to create a fine oil with powerful pigments and an ideal texture. A pioneer in the manufacture of paint, it has been used by many painters including Monet, Cézanne and Gauguin.

Today, many renowned artists such as Olivier Masmonteil and JonOne still choose our range of oil paints, perfected by the collaboration between chemists and painters.

The grinding of the colours is still carried out in the purest respect of tradition thanks to the grinding machines in the Le Mans factory. The resulting pastes are extremely fine, homogeneous and very smooth.

The range of extra-fine oil colours is more balanced and purer, the range now contains 120 colours including 8 cadmium-free references: a world innovation created by Lefranc Bourgeois in 2017, allowing an eco-responsible alternative while retaining the strength and power of cadmium.

oil paint palette
Iconic Naples Yellow

Iconic colours

Naples Yellow

The origin of Naples yellow goes back to the second millennium BC. Used by the glassmakers and ceramists of ancient Egypt, it was gradually replaced by lead and tin yellow. At the end of the Middle Ages it was rediscovered in Europe, but it was in the 17th century that it really took off. It is prepared from a mineral found on the slopes of Vesuvius, which is where it gets its name of Naples yellow.

"I have finally found my beautiful Naples yellow, which bears no resemblance to all the other Naples yellow I used to use" Millet to Alexandre Lefranc

High quality pigments

Each oil respects strict production conditions that make it pleasant to work with and not harmful to the painter: toxicology, lightfastness, fineness of grinding, control of shade, dry extract, pH, viscosity, gloss or adhesion. The colours are methodically tested for a guaranteed standard of excellence.

Additives to work the material

Viscosity of the paste, dryness, transparency and rendering: beyond the colour, Lefranc Bourgeois has been innovating for 300 years to provide you with painting mediums that will facilitate the work of colour texture.

By densifying the paste, without reducing the pigment intensity, the impasto medium makes possible texture effects for a more accurate and controlled writing. The superposition of layers and the use of colours are the basis of the glazing technique.

This is made possible by other additives such as the painting medium and the Flemish medium. By increasing the brilliance of the oil, these mediums make it possible to obtain very fine glazes giving more depth, brilliance and transparency to the paint.

The matte painting medium allows you to create velvety effects but above all a great stability of the material. When there is no undercoat on a painting it acts as a painting facilitator.


medium Lefranc Bourgeois