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Discover watercolour with artist Ewa Karpinska

Follow our mini-series with artist Ewa Karpinska to discover a new tutorial and tips for getting started with watercolour painting each week.


Watercolour paints are made of transparent pigments suspended in a water-based solution using a gum arabic binder revealing the paint support. Watercolour paint is generally sold in solid blocks called pans and half-pans, although you can buy it in tubes of liquid paint. The two main techniques used are dry or wet.

This is a very old technique which became popular during the Renaissance through botanical illustrations, then used by many Dutch and Flemish artists.

The materials you'll need


Painting with watercolours dates back to the Middle Ages, although the medium had been known since Egyptian times. As an art form, it would reach its apogee during the Renaissance. Watercolouring is done by painting onto paper using a water-based solution of suspended pigments. This paint also contains gum Arabic, which binds the pigments together to give transparent, luminous washes of colour over the paper ground.

When watercolour paints are moistened, their concentration of pigments allows the artist to play with the colour intensity. Paper is still the most common support to paint on, but watercolours are also suitable for plastic, leather, fabric, wood or canvas.


Discover the joys of watercolour with our Studio Watercolour range, made for artists and students exploring the medium. Approved by watercolour teachers, the range offers 2 sets of 10ml tubes of liquid Studio Watercolour (12 or 24 colours) and a Pocket Metal Set with 12 half pans of bright, high quality Studio Watercolours, ideal to start painting and take with you everywhere.

Paint expressive washes with our 3 sets of Fine Watercolour featuring 12, 24 or 40 Half Pans of high-quality watercolour in a durable metal case and including a mini metal watercolour brush. The colours have been carefully curated to answer the needs of every artist. They have an excellent colouring power and transparency. For the studio and outdoors, this set has a thumb ring for improved grip and two palettes for mixing on the go. We also offer an elegantly presented Fine Watercolour Wooden Box Gift Set to treat yourself or artists you know on a special occasion.


Born in Poland in 1962, Ewa Karpinska graduated in landscape architecture from the University of Life Sciences (Warsaw) in 1985. Key artist in the renewal of watercolour in France, she published several books reinventing the use of watercolour. Working with water, she captures in her creations organic shapes that recall the very movement of life. She leads this series of five tutorials designed to help you get started with watercolour painting. Discover a new tutorial on our YouTube channel every week. In this mini-series, you will learn different techniques using watercolour paint through the themes of nature, portrait, skyscape, water, and still life.

Discover our new watercolour range with Ewa Karpinska



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