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The Lefranc Bourgeois gouache collection


Lefranc Bourgeois gouache is appreciated for its creamy texture and its matte and opaque finish. It is bound with natural gum arabic, derived from acacia, without any other additives or fillers, which guarantees the intensity, purity and luminescence of its colours.

Etude Studio Gouache

Studio gouache has a soft, creamy, pigment-filled paste that is easy to apply. Ideal for working with primary colour mixtures. Recommended for art schools. It is available in 5 colours of 80 ml.

Gouache Linel made in France

Made in France, in Le Mans, with 78 colours of 14 ml, triple ground, some of which are patented and developed with great Masters such as Henri Matisse, Linel extra-fine gouache inspires illustrators as well as prestigious designers in jewellery, architecture, fashion and decoration... All ambassadors of French elegance!

Linel natural material

All naturally!


Gouache is a mixture of pigments and natural gum arabic, derived from the acacia tree, diluted in water. It can be used pure, for an intense and compact effect, or diluted, for a transparent effect closer to watercolour. Reusable once dry (just mix it with water), gouache is also a very economical paint!

The grinding of the colours is always carried out in the purest respect of tradition thanks to the grinders of the Le Mans factory. The pastes obtained are extremely fine, homogeneous, with a great smoothness and intensity.

Distinctive colours


Linel gouache is unique in its use of colours with increased intensity: double primaries.

Welcome to the enhanced intensity of Linel yellows, reds and blues.

A warm and a cool tone of each colour allow for more varied shades than with primary colours alone. The colour balance and saturation of these colours results in very pure and intense tones. The homogeneous mixtures create perfect flat tones.




Download the Gouache Linel color chart. Discover the 78 richly pigmented and intense colors.

double primaires Linel
3 whites Linel

3 whites


Three whites make up the Linel Extra Fine Gouache collection, each with its own uniqueness and benefit.

- Zinc white is a very pure white, the lightest of the Linel whites. Semi-opaque, it allows you to work with transparency and lightness to create veiled effects, such as vaporous clouds for example.

- Titanium white, matt, is very opaque and very covering. Mixed with water, it can be used to create pastel tones. This is the white used by gouache artist Estelle Lagarde to create light effects on her jewellery.

- The super covering white combines the intensity of titanium white with another pigment for total coverage, even when applied over another colour! It is perfect for creating gradients.

2 blacks


The Linel Extra Fine Collection has two shades of black, each with its own distinct characteristics.

Ivory black is historically recognised by painters as the most balanced black. It is a slightly warm black with subtle brown highlights. It is perfect for making neutral greys with titanium white for example.

Intense, velvet-like black is a very deep, neutral black with a perfect balance: it has no warm undertones and no cold undertones. Its unique pigmentation makes it similar to printing ink!

2 black Linel
cadmium less Linel

A technical and ecological feat!


It took Lefranc Bourgeois 12 years of research to develop a cadmium-free colour palette: the colour retains its original pigment but is chemically separated from the toxic and polluting metal cadmium, traditionally used to create yellow and red, giving them a unique depth and luminosity.

The result? A colour that is 100% identical to the original colour with cadmium, an intense and luminous colour.

The palette now includes 5 new cadmium-free colours out of the 78 total.

A big step towards a paint that is increasingly respectful of the environment and artists.