The categories Fine Art


A paint made from pigments and oil siccatives, prized for its extraordinary luminosity and the possibilities created by its slow-drying nature.


A paint made from synthetic pigments and resins, appreciated by many artists for its quick-drying nature.


A paint made from pigments and gum arabic, appreciated by artists and designers for its opaque nature and covering power.


A paint made from compressed crushed pigments in a water-soluble binder, prized for its transparency and luminosity


A range of high-quality, indelible inks that can be layered and mixed together, with rich colours that are highly resistant to fading.

Oil Brushes

Paint brushes manufactured with all the precision of French craftsmanship


A range of accessories used to apply the material to canvas and other mediums


A range of hand-stretched cotton and linen canvases

Acrylic Paper

A range of papers for acrylic colours specifically designed to be used with all the acrylic colours and mediums as well as the vinyl Flashe range.
Gouache Additives

Gouache Additives

A range of additives to enhance works made with gouache.
Gouache and Watercolour Brushes

Gouache and Watercolour Brushes

Brushes specially designed for gouache and watercolour.
Multi-technique Paper

Multi-technique Paper

A range of paper for gouache, ink and dry techniques.