Why prepare your canvas before painting?

Preparation of a canvas with a coloured background has three essential functions: to protect the canvas, to create as a base layer for the painting, and thanks to the colour, to aid with the addition of light and shadow.

What colour to choose for your canvas background?

We recommend choosing tones close to yellow ochre or red ochre to prepare your canvas background. This is because they are neutral colours that are located in the middle of the spectrum. These colours allow you to find the right balance of light with the tints that will then be applied over them.

3 techniques to prepare your canvas

To save time while preparing your canvas background, you can use a mixed technique. This involves preparing your canvas with acrylic paint, which allows your primer to dry more quickly. We have three primer coating recipes for you, one using oil and two using acrylic.

Check out our guide on how to get started with oil painting, to review the three key rules of oil painting and to understand how it is possible to paint oil on acrylic, but not acrylic on oil.

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