Educational painting activity sheet for kids to awaken their emotions

We offer adapted tools and painting activity sheet for kids to inspire endless creative possibilities for budding artists. Discover below our 5-step guide and the tools to paint in Douanier Rousseau's style.

Henri Rousseau

Henri Rousseau, nicknamed « Douanier Rousseau » or Tax Collector because of his profession, was born in Laval in 1844, the same region as the factory that makes Lefranc Bourgeois’ paints & art materials. A dreamer, Douanier Rousseau, finds inspiration for his paintings in illustrated books and walks in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris. One of his favourite themes is the natural world, especially the jungle.

Naive Art

Although first mocked for the simplicity of his paintings, at the turn of the 20 th century he became an artist recognised by the art scene. Painters like Picasso and Gauguin admired his work. He became the leader of an artistic movement called Naive Art.

Let’s create a jungle painting in the style of Douanier Rousseau together.

Drawing activity in Douanier Rousseau's style

Find all the steps and materials you need in our drawing activity sheet for kids. Download it below.

  1. Pick up different shaped leaves outside
  2. Mix some yellow and blue onto your palette to make green. Experiment with different mixes to find your favourite green.
  3. Apply your mixed green onto your leaves and print them onto your paper as many times as you like until you’ve created a beautiful jungle.
  4. On the last page you’ll find monkeys, a giraffe and a lion! Print out your favourite animal - or all of them! Colour them using your gouache discs.
  5. Let your painting dry. Magnificent! It really feels like we’re in the jungle!

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