Educational painting activity sheet for kids to awaken their emotions

We offer adapted tools and painting activity sheet for kids to inspire endless creative possibilities for budding artists. Discover below our 9-step guide and the tools to draw animals in Albrecht Dürer's style.

Albrecht Dürer

Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) was a German draughtsman, engraver and painter. A great artist, he drew pictures painted with gouache that are so realistic they almost look like photos.

Naive Art

Always prepared for a difficult challenge, Dürer accurately captured both his hare and monkey, highlighting the different tufts of hair and the many light and dark brown shades of their coats. You can draw and paint lifelike animals too using different colours of your gouache and highlighting your paint once dry with a thin line of Indian ink.

Animal Drawing in Dürer's style

Find all the steps and materials you need in our drawing activity sheet for kids. Download it below.

  • Using your pencil, start by sketching the facial features. When you’re happy with your drawing, trace over your lines with Indian ink.
  • With your gouache palette, paint the monkey’s eyes with the colour of your choice.
  • Choose 2 coordinated colours, like light green and dark green, pink and red, yellow and orange to paint the monkey and the shadows of his fur.
  • You can layer the blues and purples to add relief or mix the 2 colours together to create a play of shadows.
  • To accentuate your monkey drawing, trace over the lines of dry paint using Indian ink and your brush.

Discover our Indian Ink

The Nan-King Indian ink is an indelible liquid black ink that is highly resistant to fading and comes in a deep black that can be used pure for calligraphy and drawing or diluted with water. It is an acrylic ink made with black pigment. Our Indian Ink meets paint-toy standards (CE), including EN71-3, a mark of quality and safety.



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