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We have modernised the composition of our acrylic formula, in line with the ever-evolving use of colour. The range is now more precise in terms of colour and texture, dries more quickly and is more resistant to time. Because the pigments are bonded by a synthetic resin, the paste of our acrylic paint is easy to use and creates endless possibilities with colours that can be mixed seamlessly with one another.

A more precise range

Updated to reconcile the pleasure of painting with technique, the new texture of the Lefranc Bourgeois fine acrylic paint facilitates every movement, preserves the marks of the brush and stands the test of time.

Six new colours have been added to this range. Designed to meet the needs of painters and the demands of contemporary painting, they help round out the Lefranc Bourgeois acrylic range. The new colours can be mixed together to create new blends, thereby expanding your palette of different colour tones even further.

Safety sheets : All colours | USA


Choose your colour, then give it some personality with one of our additives. The refined texture of our new fine acrylic paint facilitates every movement, letting your creation take centre stage. Express your emotions and create without limits.


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