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Flashe Extra Fine Vinyl Paint


Flashe combines the mattness and opacity of gouache with the indelibility and durability of acrylic on all surfaces. Its velvety, extra-fine texture, highly concentrated in pigments selected for their resistance to light, supple, fluid and covering, is composed of a binder based on vinyl resin in emulsion allowing dilutions and cleaning with water. Shake well before use.

Made in France, in Le Mans, Flashe extra-fine vinyl paint is available in 76 colours, including 38 single-pigment shades that are perfectly compatible with the other ranges.

Download the Flashe extra-fine color chart. Discover the permanence, the pigments and the composition of the 76 colors.

Flashe powerful colour

A powerful colour


An extra-fine quality paint with unique optical characteristics, Flashe magnifies the beauty of the colours. To make Flashe an absolute and vibrant colour, special care is taken in the selection of pigments. In fact, it is made from high quality pigments specifically selected for fine arts: a high degree of purity that guarantees brilliant colours, even when diluted, and exceptional durability.

Read the Flashe brochure


Download the Flashe booklet. Discover the history and texture of the Flashe.

A unique texture


The creamy texture of Flashe makes spontaneous writing possible. Soft and elastic, it has a taut finish. Thanks to its high coverage, especially for opaque colours, it can be used as an undercoat for oil or acrylic paints for large formats and flat areas. It can cover a surface 5 times larger than a classic acrylic paint. It releases the intensity of the pigments and the luminosity in the mattness of the colours.

After drying, it gives a uniform, matt and covering finish without altering the initial colour, identical on all surfaces.

texture unique flashe
Flashe all supports

A multi-support emulsion


Flashe is an innovative vinyl paint that stands out for its matte finish and its multi-support covering power. Because it is made from a different resin than acrylic paints, its performance is not the same. Flashe is much more than a matt acrylic paint. Its ultra-adherent composition allows it to be applied to all non-greasy surfaces directly without primer (wood, frames, textiles, leather, metal, paper, polystyrene, plastic, glass, etc.).

For the first time, it offers the artist the possibility of painting without constraint in the form of a taut and uniform matte film that restores the full power of the colours. In a stable way in time.

An expanded range


Building on its success, the Flashe range also offers an expanded palette of iconic colours with 6 fluorescent colours and 12 iridescent shades.

The properties of Flashe are strictly the same, so matte and coverage are found in these explosive shades!

Flashe iridescent
Pot Flashe



Recyclable and reusable, the glass jar, icon of the Flashe, offers an eco-responsible option to artists. It is available in 125ml and 400ml sizes and allows for larger projects than with the classic 80ml tubes which have the advantage of testing new colours and being easily transportable outside the artist's studio.