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Get inspired by three pictorial odysseys
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Lefranc Bourgeois fine acrylic paint is made from intense pigments and resin in its factory in Le Mans, France. The colour reveals brilliance and depth for a covering and satin finish. Through three new pictorial odysseys, Lefranc Bourgeois celebrates the vibrant energy of colours, the freedom of gesture and the fertility of the imagination. Three artists invite us to let go and be carried away to the magical universe of dreamy acrylics. These artists explore the particularities of acrylics and express themselves on different themes; from the fairy travel through the regressive journey to the spiritual world of colours.


Christophe Ronel was born in Rouen in 1964. Painter, notebook artist, illustrator, he was trained very early on in the basics of painting and drawing on nature by his father, landscape painter Marcel Laquay. He lives and works in Normandy and Paris. Christophe Ronel has been teaching at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et Métiers d'Art - Olivier de Serres in Paris since 1990.

Over the past thirty years, he has had more than eighty solo exhibitions in France and abroad, in galleries, cultural centres and museums.

His paintings are also to be found in numerous private and public collections around the world.

Christophe Ronel's portrait
Christophe Ronel's Artwork


Ronel's style, described by himself as syncretic figuration, is unclassifiable: the detailed observation of places, characters, towns and villages, and sanctuaries during his countless peregrinations around the world is superimposed on an unbridled imagination where the doors of the unconscious are always wide open.

His world is narrative, truculent, effervescent as much by the colour, the material as by the abundant pictorial graphics that characterise him.

Steeped in multicultural references that he has assimilated, blended and intertwined, he takes us on an initiatory and humanistic journey, an anthropologist of the imagination, a fanciful ethnographer with a passion for Africa, India and many other lands.

Enter the universe of Christophe Ronel, a painter passionate about fine acrylics and inspired by travel and cultural encounters. Christophe Ronel opens the doors of his creative space and tells us about his passion for painting and color. A total immersion in his studio, which will not fail to inspire you in turn.


A former human resources manager in a large cultural company, Patrick has kept from his first job a passion for exploring relationships, and remains driven by the desire to create harmony, between performance and respect for others, through the organisation of artistic and team-building workshops as well as the creation of spontaneous pictorial works.

Patrick exhibits in Europe, the United States and Asia and is also involved in NFT and digital artist services.

He often refers to this quote from Kandinsky which inspires him: "The more spiritually evolved a man is, the more accessible his soul is. Only the artist who knows the power of colours can directly reach the soul of the viewer."

Patrick Moles's Portrait
Patrick Moles Artwork


Her abstract and powerful creations awaken the spiritual world of colours. These colours, with their mystery and symbolism, allow him to explore spirituality as a path to self-knowledge, while opening up the infinite field of emotions. Through his vibrant pieces, he also translates the notion of dreams and includes coded messages that invite the viewer to form their own opinions and visions.

His work explores the world of spirituality through an instantaneous mix of colours. He knows the symbolism of colours and uses blue for its calm and harmony, red for energy, gold for excellence and black for its mystery and absence of light. His paintings allow us to convey emotions and to live with them.

The message of his paintings is a logical continuation of his humanistic journey. His paintings are a part of him, spiritual and joyful.



Séverine DesLions is a French painter born in 1972, now living and working in Tours. A former student at the Beaux-Arts de Tours, she was inspired by her childhood spent watching cartoons to paint characters with a superhero look. Séverine is conquering the world with her emblematic character Speedboy, who has already made his little tour of the world, landing in Europe, America and Asia. He is already ready to set out again to conquer new adventures...

Rebellious and daring, in 2017 she founded a new artistic movement, Street BD Art, a fusion between street-art and the comic strip she grew up with.

Since the middle of 2021, Séverine has embarked on a new artistic dimension by joining the new wave of Cryptos Artistes with her NFT.

The artist welcomes you in her contemporary art gallery adjacent to her studio, at 22 avenue Maginot in Tours, France.

Severine DesLions portrait
Severine DesLions Artwork


Séverine DesLions is a rebel whose presence is felt at every stage of the production of her character Speedboy, a modern hero that she invented from scratch, and who invites the viewer to slow down in a world that turns at a hundred miles an hour, to take the time to live in the present moment. Her colourful and cheerful paintings remind us that it is essential to know how to enjoy the present moment and what life offers us.

Partly borrowed from the world of comics and inspired by Basquiat, De Kooning or Miro, Speedboy marks the canvases with his presence; a kind of consciousness surrounded by the black line so loved by Keith Haring. Armed to fight injustice and give back a little humanity to the world, Speedboy offers a reassuring and protective support. Like a big brother to the artist, he seems to show her the way while protecting her. Our unconscious universes are often populated by actors who are close to us, here the artist infers and proposes: interpretation, distribution and scenario for the pleasure of cultivating his imagination.


The acrylic collection offers a palette of 50 vibrant colours with a smooth, seamless texture. Formulated with intense pigments and resin, the colour reveals vibrancy and depth for a full, satin finish. Light colours can be layered over dark colours without altering their luminosity. The richness and miscibility of Lefranc Bourgeois acrylics offer multiple possibilities. The colours are very water resistant and can be diluted with water or acrylic medium for transparency or texture effects.

Lefranc Bourgeois Fine Acrylic assets


Download your Fine Acrylics colour chart and discover the power and characteristics of the 50 colours.