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The Acrylic Collection

Painting with acrylics means freeing your spontaneity, your intuition, creating infinitely and without limits. The richness and miscibility of Lefranc Bourgeois acrylics offer multiple possibilities. Very accessible due to its high pigmentation, easy to apply and quick to dry, this paint is suitable for beginners as well as for amateurs and professional artists.

Made in France, in Le Mans, the acrylic palette is composed of 50 colours that present a smooth and homogeneous texture. Formulated with intense pigments and resin, the colour reveals radiance and depth for a covering and satin finish. Available in 80ml, 200ml, 750ml and boxed set.

Download the Acrylic color chart. Discover the permanence, pigments and composition of the 50 colors.

Lefranc Bourgeois fine acrylic material

The fine acrylic is made in France in the Le Mans factory. The new texture is denser, more resistant to time, facilitates the gesture and preserves the brush strokes.

Its texture is unctuous and homogeneous.

Thanks to its pigments bound by a synthetic resin, the Lefranc Bourgeois acrylic paint paste is easy to use and offers a limitless field of exploration with colours that can be mixed together.

Highly pigmented, it offers exceptional brilliance and depth of colour, while providing excellent coverage and a uniform satin finish.

The palette has 50 exceptional shades, including 23 mono-pigmentary colours. Every painter can easily recreate his or her favourite shades thanks to the purest and most effective blends.


Download your Acrylics colors and additives booklet. Discover how to give life to your Acrylics.






Reworked to reconcile the pleasure of painting and technique, the new texture of Lefranc Bourgeois fine acrylic paint facilitates the gesture, preserves the brush strokes, and resists better to time.

6 new colours have also been introduced to this range. Developed to meet the needs of painters and the requirements of modern painting, they bring more consistency to the Lefranc Bourgeois acrylic range. These new colours are miscible with each other and make it possible to create new mixtures and thus to widen the range of shades.

Painting with Lefranc Bourgeois acrylics means diving into a joyful whirlwind of colours: shades with bright pigments that can be mixed together for intuitive mixtures that are so easy to achieve and thus give life to your emotions and dreams.

Lefranc Bourgeois acrylic range

Let yourself be inspired by three pictorial odysseys. Three acrylic artists painters explore the particularities of Lefranc Bourgeois fine acrylics and express themselves on different themes, from the multicultural journey to the spiritual world of colors, through the regressive journey.