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Françoise Nielly, the art of the knife

Françoise Nielly


Born in Marseille, Françoise Nielly studied at the Beaux-arts and creates portraits of men and women in oil in an instantly recognisable style. To coincide with the launch of the new Lefranc Bourgeois fine oils, she opened the doors of her studio and demonstrated all the advantages of this range combined with her emblematic gesture to create a colourful and powerful work. The primary colours in this range, made in France, are exceptional: bright, creamy and rich in pigment. Historically, the Lefranc Bourgeois brand has always had a particular and unique primary blue, as in its range of extra-fine oils. That's why the primary blue in the new Huile Fine range is ready to use, allowing artists to create accurate and authentic secondary colours.

Discover in the video below how artist Françoise Nielly dares to paint with Lefranc Bourgeois!



Colour is launched like a projectile. Its energy gives each burst of colour an intensity and a vibration. Noted for her incredible dexterity in handling the knife and oil paint, Françoise Nielly creates works of great power. She creates portraits, each with its own personality, perfectly sculpted by the artist's precise gesture. Françoise cuts the material with her oil painting knife, using precise flat tints to delineate the shapes of the face, nose, arch, cheekbones, lips... the portrait is truly revealed through the juxtaposition of raw, true layers.



Lefranc Bourgeois offers a unique pre-measured primary blue that simplifies the mixing of secondary colours. Thanks to a specific formula, it is easier to obtain authentic and balanced mixtures. For example, to obtain a green colour, simply use 50% blue and 50% yellow, thanks to this primary blue. This well-balanced, creamy blue has a very high tinting strength, and once shaded to white, its colour remains impressively powerful, just like the 48 new colours in the range. That's why all the tubes show the colour graded at 50% with white.


The primary yellow in the new Lefranc Bourgeois fine oil range is creamy and bright. Thanks to its pigment content, it remains vivid even after drying, making it easy to create the right secondary colours. The primary red is intense and slightly transparent. Two essential criteria guarantee quality production: the grinding of the pigments and the colour strength. The latter is demonstrated by the dominance of the red when degraded with 50% titanium white. The colour is also displayed on the tubes for a better overview.



What would a new range of fine oils be without its mediums? Discover the TOP 3 mediums for creating original and unique works:

  • The Impasto Medium creates volume without changing the colour with a matt finish. It helps to save material by multiplying the volume of paint.
  • Medium for gloss painting makes the paint more fluid and adds depth and brilliance to your oil painting. It contains no turpentine.
  • Alkyde Medium accelerates drying without changing the colour and allows you to create glazes.