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Ewa Hauton, art in motion

Ewa Hauton


Ewa Hauton, a master in the art of charcoal and oil washes, shapes her works in several stages using Ivory Black and Titanium White, to the rhythm of Chopin notes. She paints the faces of people she invents.
It's a subject that simply allows her to work with light and shadow, and also to work on movement. The large formats impose a sweeping gesture, bringing each part of the face to life, particularly the hair. She uses Noir d'Ivoire to create depth and titanium white to bring out the light.

Discover the depth of black and the brilliance of white with Ewa Hauton


The body, especially the female body, is at the heart of Ewa Hauton's work. The large formats give her the freedom to combine painting and drawing. She works mainly with Ivory Black and Titanium White, which allow her to play with light and shadow to create movement.

Using ink, charcoal, oil paint and an eraser, Ewa gets rid of superfluous shapes and materials. She works in several stages, starting with charcoal, followed by oil washes, then erasing to find the light in the charcoal drawings. She redid her charcoal work and then moved on to oil. She paints with a calligraphy brush to keep her strokes and movements supple. Each splash is the result of a desired gesture and movement, carefully kept intact on the canvas.


Deep and powerful, Ivory Black offers a warm tone and total opacity. Once made from calcined ivory, today it retains only the name. Meticulously manufactured in our Le Mans factory, this fine oil colour gives artists the opportunity to play with light and shadow, as Ewa Hauton does.


Contrasting with the depth of black, Titanium White illuminates the palette, provides excellent coverage and has a cool, non-yellowing tone that allows shades to be graduated with precision. Like the rest of the 48 colours in the range, it is made in France and available in two sizes: 40ml and 200ml.

This shade is also available in packs of 2 x 200ml tubes, corresponding to reflexes of use.



What would a new range of fine oils be without its mediums? Discover the TOP 3 mediums for creating original and unique works:

  • The Impasto Medium creates volume without changing the colour with a matt finish. It helps to save material by multiplying the volume of paint.
  • Medium for gloss painting makes the paint more fluid and adds depth and brilliance to your oil painting. It contains no turpentine.
  • Alkyde Medium accelerates drying without changing the colour and allows you to create glazes.