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Fine Watercolour Set of 40 Half Pans

The fine watercolour set of 40 half pan is the essential tool for watercolourists. The professional quality of the Lefranc Bourgeois pigments allows you to create breathtaking washes. A round brush in small grey completes the eco-responsible and durable metal box that contains the palette.

Contains MBIT. May produce an allergic reaction. Contains a biocidal product: IPBC. Risk of skin sensitization.
Safety Data Sheet

54.90 inc. VAT

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Accessible Quality
Developed with fine, mixable pigments our Fine Watercolour range offers incredible quality that’s surprisingly accessible. Unlocking creative opportunities for enthusiasts, students and professionals.
Curated Sets
Each set of Fine Watercolours is made up of a carefully selected bright primaries, earthy browns and natural greens. Pure pigments respected for their mixing potential.
Spontaneous Art
Available in practically designed field sets, explore the creative potential of art outdoors. Add a wash of creativity to everyday activities whenever you’re feeling inspired.