Oil Paint Sets

Discover the Lefranc Bourgeois Oil Paint Sets. Our oil colours have been refined to meet painters’ needs as closely as possible.

  • Fine oil: basic range, 48 colours in 40 ml and 150 ml
  • Extra-fine oil: professional range, 120 colours in 20 ml and 40 ml, seven colours in 200 ml

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Each oil meets strict production standards in terms of toxicology, light resistance, grind fineness and monitoring of tone, dry extract, pH, viscosity, glossiness and adhesion. Denser, thicker and more coherent, the new palette of 120 extra-fine oil paints is more balanced and refined.

Our new cadmium-free colours are a more ecological and less toxic alternative to cadmium paints, and are guaranteed to offer the same high performance.

Extra-Fine Oil Safety sheets : All colours - USA | Titanium White - USA | Zinc White - USA

Fine Oil Safety sheets: All colours - USA | Zinc White - USA | Titanium White - USA

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