Revelation N°5 Capture the poetry of emotions

Our friend Olivier Masmonteil invites us to London and reveals how to capture the poetry of emotions through a fascinating portrait of Lucian Freud. Discover how to obtain the flesh colour, thanks in particular to the work of the palette and the Venetian Medium Lefranc Bourgeois.

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The flesh colour

Olivier Masmonteil chose this portrait of Freud for its emotional intensity. Here flesh is signified by the material and by the colour. But flesh colour does not exist: it must be found and the emotions captured with each brush stroke. The skin tone is obtained by combining a wide range of colours such as blue, red, violet and yellow, as well as the Lefranc Bourgeois Venetian medium, which with its satin texture brings voluptuousness and sensuality to the subject.

The Venetien medium

The formula of Lefranc Bourgeois Venetian Medium was inspired by the needs of Italian painters of the Renaissance who were looking for a smoother, creamier texture and a more matte finish. Our history is marked by our many collaborations with painters, with whom we have been shaping the history of art for over 300 years.



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