Revelation N°3 Travel in the light

Succumb to the cameo of greens of the impressionist Berthe Morisot. This velvety effect is made possible thanks to the Lefranc Bourgeois matte painting medium. In impressionism, colour is sought on the canvas: it is a real jubilation to see the painting being made. Between landscape and portrait, this painting offers a suspended moment.

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Impressionism history

Before Lefranc Bourgeois developed the screw-tube in 1859, pigments were kept in pig bladders. Once pierced, these did not guarantee the preservation of the pigments or their transport. The innovation of Lefranc Bourgeois, listening to the artists, allowed on the one hand to preserve and transport new, luminous and durable colours and on the other hand to allow the artists to paint outside.

The matt painting medium

The matte painting medium allows the value of oil colours to be changed for an impressionist type of pictorial finish. Its uniform, velvety matte finish does not alter the transparency or opacity of the colour.



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