Revelation N°2 Explore the depth of colours

Let you inspire by the exercise of the copy and explore the vocabulary of the painters, here the chromatic palette of Rubens. Discover an intensity of unctuous reds thanks to the medium for glazing Flamand Lefranc Bourgeois and abandon yourself to the pleasure of painting.

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What are embus?

Embus are matt areas on the canvas due to the absorption of oil by the lower layers. To neutralise the embus, simply level the coloured material by brushing the painted canvas.

Flemish medium

The medium for Flemish glazes makes it possible to create amber and vitrified patinas in the manner of the Flemish masters. It was in 1954 that Bourgeois invented the definitive formula for Flemish Medium, inspired by the Flemish painters who were looking for a very lacquered, dense and textured finish. Indeed, this medium strongly increases the brilliance of the oil. After half a day of work, the layers of colour can be superimposed.



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