Linel Extra Fine Gouache

Linel Extra Fine Gouache

The new range of Linel extra-fine gouache has been modernised and was tested and approved by artists and teachers of Art and Graphic Design Schools. The reorganised palette counts 78 rich and balanced shades, chosen for their intense and fine pigments and are very opaque.

The new Linel palette is more modern and includes 5 new Cadmium-free colours: an exclusive innovation created by Lefranc Bourgeois in 2017, and an eco-responsible alternative that keeps all the strength and power of cadmium colours. Three new metallic colours have been added to the range. They are made from solid and light resistant pigments allowing a quality and long-lasting rendering, bringing to its users new chromatic values.

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14ml | 60ml
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About Linel Gouache

• A rich and varied colour palette
• Unique, pure and bright colours
• Excellent resistance to time and light
• Can be used on any thin substrate (paper, laminate, wood, chassis)
• Highly appreciated by designers for its homogeneous solid colours
• Apply pure or diluted

What is Gouache?

Gouache is obtained by grinding pigments, gum Arabic and a white filler. Linel is one of the last gouaches to include gum Arabic in its formulas which gives it incomparable quality.
Used for landscapes, models, preparatory sketches. The opacity of the gouache gives it an important quality in painting: light colours can overlap indefinitely with dark colours. It can also be used in overlays of semi-transparent washes, after dilution in water.