Indian Black Ink

Indian Black Ink

The Nan-King Indian ink is an indelible liquid black ink that is highly resistant to fading and comes in a deep black that can be used pure for calligraphy and drawing or diluted with water. It is an acrylic ink made with black pigment.

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How is Indian black ink used?

Ink is a pigment-based medium with good covering properties that is bright once dry (30 minutes).

It can be applied with a paintbrush, quill or airbrush onto stiff, flexible, absorbent and non-absorbent materials: paper, PVC sheets, cardboard, wood, plaster, glass, plastic, clay, pottery, salt dough, wallpaper, fabric, tracing paper, modelling clay, metal, polystyrene, etc.).

Key features of Indian black ink

  • Opaque

  • Can be layered

  • Liquid

  • Intense

  • Good covering properties

  • Miscible

  • Indelible

  • Permanent