Gouache paint set

Gouache paint set

Celebrate 300 years of creativity with us. Discover our collection of original gift sets featuring limited edition, vintage designs. 

Our Linel Gouache paint set contains everything you need to start painting with gouache. All gift sets include a limited edition, 300th Anniversary Lefranc Bourgeois Artist’s Apron.

We’ve hidden 300 Golden Tickets in our gift sets. Find one to win 50 euros worth of Lefranc Bourgeois products.


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The Linel Gouache paint set includes:

  • 10 tubes: Primary Yellow​, Primary Red​, Primary Blue​, Quinacridone Magenta​, Turquoise Deep, Chrome Oxide Green​, Pink Ochre​, Silver​, Titanium White​ and Ivory Black​

  • 1 Superfine Varnish​

  • 1 Round Brush Size 4 – Short Handle 

  • 1 Limited Edition 300th Anniversary Lefranc Bourgeois Artist’s Apron

Meet Lil Sire

Explore the poetic universe of artist and illustrator Lil Sire. Discover her work with our Linel gift set, inspired by art nouveau and Japanese prints.

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