Educational drawing activity sheets for kids to awaken their emotions

We offer adapted tools and drawing activity sheets for kids to inspire endless creative possibilities for budding artists. Discover below our 4-step guide and the tools to draw with pastels in Keith Haring’s style.


Keith Haring was an American painter, designer and sculptor known all over the world. His ideas were all about equality, inclusion and the environment. He became famous in New York for his drawings on the streets and subways, where everyone could see them. At the time this was very different, other artists only exhibited in museums and galleries, which were less accessible.


Have you ever seen colourful or black and white drawings of little people before? Have you ever seen drawings or graffitis in your city or town? We call this type of art Street or Pop Art. It was Keith Haring's speciality. Let’s learn how to draw in Keith Haring's style in our dowloadable activity sheet below.


Drawing activity in Keith Haring's style

Find all the steps and materials you need in our drawing activity sheet for kids. Download it below.

  1. With your scissors, cut out the body parts of your puppet.
  2. Assemble your puppet by connecting each body part with split pins.
  3. Place your puppets arms and legs in a dancing pose. Try naming each body part with your mum or dad.
  4. Take your sketchbook and place your puppet in the position you want on a sheet. Trace the outline of your puppet with a pencil.
  5. Colour your puppet with your Oil Pastels and Twistable Crayons. Add lines around the puppet to show movement. You can create different characters and draw them dancing together. Add your own doodles to the scene. Why not add a heart, a flower or even add some words?

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