Educational drawing activity for kids to awaken their emotions

We offer adapted tools and drawing activity sheets for kids to inspire endless creative possibilities for budding artists. Discover below our 4-step guide and the tools to draw your own pastel portrait in Chardin’s style.


Jean Siméon Chardin was born in Paris on November 2, 1699. Considered to be one of the greatest French and European painters of the 18th century, he is best known for his still lifes, genre paintings and pastel work.





Self-portrait, 1771, pastel, Louvre Museum, Paris


Through the use of his favourite colour, rose madder red, he helped spread the reputation of his neighbour, the colour merchant Charles Laclef. This was the very Charles Laclef who’s shop would later become Lefranc Bourgeois. This story has continued for 300 years.





Still life (around 1760), Louvre Museum, Paris.

Drawing activity for kids in Chardin’s style

Find all the steps and materials you need in our drawing activity for kids. Download the sheet below.

  1. Print your favourite photo of you and your mum or dad.
  2. Personalise your portraits together. Using dry pastels, add glasses or a bow to your hair. Whatever comes to mind!
  3. Experiment using the printed accessories. Cut them out and colour them in with watercolour pastels. Glue the accessories onto your photos.
  4. Finally, frame your work of art!

Discover pastels

Pastels are coloured sticks used in drawing and painting. There are dry pastels (soft or hard) and oil pastels (or wax). Our watercolour soft pastels are bright and ready to use for any drawing activity with kids. They can be used with fingers, or a slightly damp brush for a watercolour finish, on a paper support. The pastel edges help create precise lines and moves smoothly over the paper.





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