Educational painting activity sheet for kids to awaken their emotions

We offer adapted tools and painting activity sheet for kids to inspire endless creative possibilities for budding artists. Discover below our 5-step guide and the tools to paint in Paul Klee’s style.

Paul Klee

Paul Klee was a Swiss painter born in 1879. As a child, his grandmother taught him to draw. Before becoming an artist, he trained as a violinist. Although now known as a painter, at first Klee struggled with colour and studied drawing, engraving and sculpture instead. He spent time in Italy, Germany and Paris where he met other painters like Kandinsky.

The revelation of colour

In 1914, on a trip to Tunisia he experienced what he described as, «the revelation of colour», which inspired him to paint abstract art. He lived through both World Wars, during which he continued to paint and exhibit. Experimental and hardworking, Klee contributed to many art movements, including Bauhaus, always working on colour, light and the link between music and painting. Celebrated during his lifetime, he is now recognised as a major figure in modern art. His paintings are a true love letter to colour. He left behind a body of work with nearly 10,000 pieces.

Drawing activity in Paul Klee's style

Find all the steps and materials you need in our drawing activity sheet for kids. Download it below.

  1. Take a look at Paul Klee’s paintings. Discover his "magic square" technique!
  2. Dampen your Paint-Filled Sponges in your glass of water. Wipe them a little if they are too runny. On your sheet, trace some shapes next to each other to recreate Klee’s famous "magic squares". Use lots of different colours.
  3. Let your shapes dry.
  4. Using a fine brush and your black gouache or a brush pen, add a few objects, like leaves, herbs and trees.
  5. Let your painting dry! Well done, you’re a little artist!

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