Appearing around the 15th century, following the Tempera, a water-based technique used in Antiquity, gouache was first used in drawing for the highlighting technique, in order to underline volumes and perspectives. For a long time, it was confined to the minor role of sketch painting, but it has progressively imposed itself as an art form in its own right and is today favoured by creators all over the world. The Linel Extra Fine Gouache collection is bound with natural gum arabic, derived from acacia, without any other additives or fillers, which guarantees the intensity, purity and luminescence of its shades. Made in France, in Le Mans, and strong of 78 colours, some of them patented and developed with great Masters such as Henri Matisse, the collection inspires illustrators as well as prestigious designers in jewellery, architecture, fashion and decoration... All ambassadors of French elegance!

Estelle Lagarde gouache artist

Creative since her youngest age and passionate about drawing, it is in 2009 that Estelle found her passion, during her training in jewellery at the Amblard high school in Valence: the gouaché of jewellery. A love story begins, emotion is the starting point of each creation. In the Parisian design studio Van Cleef & Arpels, Estelle learns her trade as a professional jewellery gouache artist. After a burn out, Estelle decided to follow her dreams and to find what makes her heart beat: painting. In 2019, Estelle created her jewellery and watch design studio as well as a training website dedicated to jewellery gouache with her brother Thibaud: LAGARDEJEWELRYDRAWING. After all these years of collaboration with the greatest jewellery and watchmaking companies, Estelle turned to an even more grandiose project: that of creating her own brand. Progressively, this adventure became a reality and the LAGARDE brand is no longer a utopia!

Ariane Butto illustrator

After a training in graphic and textile design, some travels and personal experiences, Ariane decided in 2018 to start illustrating. Ariane paints colourful and poetic landscapes with gouache in which exotic animals, men and women meet. She is inspired by her travels in Asia and South America, the works of Douanier Rousseau or Michel Ocelot. All her works are handmade. Sometimes all in colour with gouache, sometimes in black and white in the style of old engravings. In Paris, Ariane paints for different projects, textile design, panoramic wallpapers, matchboxes... Ariane has collaborated with L'Occitane, Unicef, Fragonard, Archivist Gallery, Pascale Editions, La Thé Box, La Canopée, and many others!

Pawm illustrator

Self-taught, Pawm discovered painting at the age of 18, first in shades of black and white, then in colour. After acrylic, watercolour and oil, Pawm turned to gouache with which she can fully express herself. Her work is inspired by pop culture, video games, series and films. In 2021, Pawm launches on Twitch, sharing her video game lives but also her art. That same year, thanks to the aesthetics of Ghibli Studios, Pawm tries its hand at landscape, studying live with its community. Pawm's ambition is to motivate its audience to realize an artistic activity during the week, with concepts like Fiak'art: 2 weeks to produce a work, all the productions are seen live, and a new theme is chosen. In May 2022, Pawm is also launching the website which allows artists present on Twitch to showcase their work and have an online shop.

Carole Rampinetta textile designer and illustrator

A textile designer and pattern maker trained in stage costume, Carole designs unique, colourful and poetic patterns, constantly inspired by travel, nature and the folklore of different countries around the world. Creative since she was a child, passionate about theatre and circus arts, which she has been practising since she was 8 years old, Carole loves telling stories and bringing emotions to life both on stage and with her pencils and brushes. Her illustrations are often compared to Proust's madeleines that carry joyful, meticulous and mischievous childhood memories. Carole loves paper and works in the traditional way with gouache, watercolour or ink.


The painter Mathurin Méheut, born in 1882, was a nature lover who developed an interest in flora and fauna at a very early age. His travels around the world, from his native Brittany to Monaco, via Hawaii to Japan, led him to observe, draw and paint landscapes, animals, plants and the ocean world. He became an Official Painter of the Navy (POM) in 1921. His scientific approach and his ethnographer's eye led him to immortalise on plates the evidence of the biodiversity of his time. His works are produced with botanical precision, imbued with a remarkable sensitivity enhanced by gouache. 


Brittany celebrates the painter Mathurin Méheut! A native of the region, he paid tribute to it all his life through his works.    

The new Mathurin Méheut Museum in Lamballe condenses a whole life of creation, from the study of the sea to the decoration of faience and ceramic, while an exhibition at the Pont Aven Museum retraces his career and his testimonies in gouache.  

Illustration and decoration have always been closely connected, as shown by the use of Mathurin Méheut's motifs by the Royal Manufacture of Sèvres and Henriot of Quimper. 


Meeting with a Linel gouache painter, like Mathurin Méheut Breton and Official Painter of the Navy: Marie Détrée! 

Marie Détrée, a painter for 25 years, discovered Linel gouache when she embarked on an adventure! Official Painter of the Navy since 2010, Marie Détrée observes and bears witness to the marine environment in a scientific context while working for the maritime and military influence of France.  

She documents her observations from an artistic perspective. From Antarctica to Djibouti, she records her paintings as a true travelogue. 

Embark with Linel

Marie Détrée's missions as - Official Painter of the Navy - can last from 5 days to 5 months, on board ships or even ... submarines! 

Linel gouache, for its unique and natural composition, is the only paint allowed on board and the painter can then transcribe her observations in her notebook. 

At the end of each expedition, Marie has the opportunity to show her work to the whole crew. 


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